Are you ready to be an author?

Everyone has a book stuck in their head. Pouring it onto paper is a monstrous accomplishment in itself, but putting words on paper does not make an author.

The revolution in publishing ignited by eBooks and self-publishing is clearly a double-edged sword hanging over your head–virtually anyone can put virtually anything online almost for free and if you’re willing to spend a few bucks you can self-publish a print version.

The big question–will anyone care?

With more than a million new books popping on the market every year your chance of winning the lottery may be better than that of seeing your book on the New York Times Best Seller list. In fact, the average new book sells 77 copies, mostly to friends and relatives.

So, how do you jerk your book off the junk pile?

That’s where Author’s Advocate, LLC can help as we did for top selling authors John Kriesel and Mark Weber. In the case of Kriesel, we went all in and wrote John’s story, managed production and publication, and developed and executed the marketing plan. Mark Weber came to us with a mostly completed manuscript, but one that needed extensive fine tuning before publication.

Yes, writing is only the start. If a book is to succeed it must be professionally edited, designed and proofed. It needs a great title and the covers must be expertly designed to reach right off the shelf (or screen) and grab readers by the eyes. You mother may tell you it is the best piece of literature she has ever witnessed, but it might be wise to get a second opinion, an unbiased viewpoint from someone who actually knows the publishing industry.

Self-publishing doesn’t excuse you from presenting a highly professional product. Most self-published authors who tear up the blogosphere lamenting why their books are not selling fail to recognize the basic fact…they did not take the time to produce a professional product, no matter how much their friends and mother loved every word.

Even a great book faces a high probability of failure. Once you have a high quality book the real work starts–marketing. Before the advent of self-publishing traditional publishers totally controlled the market, but that train has departed. Today, unless your name is James Patterson, Vince Flynn, Lee Child or one of a handful of proven writers you are going to be expected to carry a great deal of the marketing load, even if you have a traditional publisher.

As a self-publisher you control everything; or, put another way, you are totally responsible for everything. Author’s Advocate, LLC has done it and we can show you the path to success. We’ll do as much or as little as you need as your publishing partner.

Rep. John Kriesel and Capt. Jim Kosmo
In the MN House of Representatives Chamber

“Jim’s writing captured my voice so perfectly that my closest friends swear they hear me when they read “Still Standing.” And, he guided us to a profitable book.”

—John Kriesel
Author, “Still Standing: The Story of SSG John Kriesel” 


Capt. Jim Kosmo and Lt. Col. Mark Weber
During US Army 237th Birthday Celebration

“In the Army, some of the wisest, most competent old soldiers are affectionately called ‘Graybeards.’  Jim is a Graybeard for authors.  He was a gentle but firm hand on my shoulder as I started writing and laying out a game plan for self-publishing my book.  Jim was invaluable at helping me get off the ground.”

–Lt. Col. Mark M. Weber
Author, “Tell My Sons”